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Webshop Catalog Overview

The 'Webshop catalog overview' form in Microsoft Dynamics AX simulates the webshop behavior and it is used to check and see an overview of all product prices, inventory on-hand, last modified date of a product, products orderability and visibility of the related webshop. If the product is not orderable you can see the reason of this.

To see an overview of the webshop catalog go to: Webshop -> Common -> Webshop catalog overview:

Webshop Catalog Overview

The table below provides the filters description:

Field name Field description
Webshop name Used to select the webshop with a template customer for prices and inventory calculation.
If the webshop filters are set on the 'Webshops' form, they will be also applied.
Visible in webshop Three values are available:
  • <empty>: show all products of the webshop
  • 'Yes': show only visible in webshop products
  • 'No': show only not visible in webshop products
Account type Used to select the account type.

Available account types:

  • Customer
  • Contact
  • Sales person
Account number Used to select the account number of a specific customer/ contact/ sales person.

Account of a 'Customer' type calculates prices and inventory on-hand for the selected customer.
Account of a 'Contact' type calculates prices and inventory on-hand for the related contact customer account.
Account of a 'Sales person' type allows to represent a customer and calculate prices and inventory on-hand for the represented customer.

Represent customer account Used to show all customers related to the sales person account selected in the 'Account number' dropdown.
When the represented customer is selected, prices and inventory will be calculated for this customer on-hand.

In the lower pane of the 'Webshop catalog overview' form the general information about the selected in the filter customer is shown and the reason of why the product is not orderable when it is selected.

If a product contains variants, they can be seen from the 'Webshop catalog overview' form by clicking 'View product variants' at the top of the form. The product variants visibility and orderability can be seen as well:

Product Variants Overview

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