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Units of Measure

Use the 'Units' form in Microsoft Dynamics AX to manage the list of the available units of measure.

The units of measure from this form will be available for configuration of the minimum allowed quantities per unit of measure in the Sana Commerce backoffice.

To open the 'Units' form open the 'Organization administration' area page and the click on Setup -> Units -> Units:

Units of Measure

To add a new unit of measure create a new record and enter at least unit and description. Units of measure from this list can be used with different products in your products catalog.

Translations can be created for units of measure. To add a translation, select the unit of measure and at the top click on the 'Translated unit descriptions' button.

Product Units of Measure

To set the units of measure per individual product open the product for which the units of measure should be set and under the 'Manage inventory' fast tab use the 'Weight measurements' and 'Physical dimensions' sections to enter precise information about the product units of measure:

Product Weight and Physical Dimensions

Then on the released product details form, under the 'Sell' fast tab, in the 'Unit' field select the unit of measure that should be used for the product. The selected in this field unit of measure will be shown in the webshop for the related product.

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