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Webshop Filters

The webshop filters in Microsoft Dynamics AX can be set when you want only a subset of the catalog to be present in the webshop.

For instance, if you have several webshops and you want to show only products from a certain brand in each webshop, you can set a webshop filter for this brand.

The filter specified at a multi-shop level is applied everywhere the products are shown in the webshop.

To configure the webshop filters:

Step 1: Go to: Webshop -> Common -> Webshops.

Step 2: Select the necessary webshop and click on 'Webshop filters' at the top of the 'Webshops' form:

Webshop Filters Configuration

Step 3: In the 'Webshop filters' form select the field from the 'Field name' dropdown by which the webshop catalog must be filtered.

The list of fields represents all the normal and active fields that are available in the 'Webshop filters' form. The filter will be applied to this selected field.

Several filters can be applied to one field. Multiple filters applied to one field can be separated by the comma (,) character.

Step 4: When the webshop filters in Microsoft Dynamics AX are set, click 'Refresh site cache' in the Sana Commerce backoffice to apply the filters to the webshop.

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