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MS Dynamics AX 2009 Changes

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New Tables

The table below provides the description of the new tables in Microsoft Dynamics AX, including the fields:

Table Name Field ID Field Name Type Description
SC_DataValidationRulesTable 50001 Active Enum Specifies whether a validation rule is activated
SC_DataValidationRulesTable 50002 ValidationTableId Integer Table ID
SC_DataValidationRulesLine 50001 ErrorTxt String Error message
SC_DataValidationRulesLine 50002 Operator Enum Operator
SC_DataValidationRulesLine 50003 ValidationFieldId Integer Field ID
SC_DataValidationRulesLine 50004 ValidationTableId Integer Table ID
SC_DataValidationRulesLine 50005 Value String Value
SC_ItemVisibilityRules 50001 AccountCode Enum Account code
SC_ItemVisibilityRules 50002 AccountRelation String Account selection
SC_ItemVisibilityRules 50003 ItemCode Enum Item code
SC_ItemVisibilityRules 50004 ItemRelation String Item selection
SC_ItemVisibilityRules 50005 Mode Enum Mode
SC_OrderImportInformation 50001 OrderType Enum Document type
SC_OrderImportInformation 50002 SalesId String Sales ID
SC_OrderImportInformation 50003 SanaOrderNum String Sana order number
SC_OrderImportInformation 50004 WebshopId String Webshop ID
SC_OrderImportInformation 50005 ImportDate DateTime Import date
SC_OrderImportInformation 50006 OrderModifiedDate DateTime Modified date
SC_ManualProcessRequestsTable 50001 FilePath String File path
SC_ManualProcessRequestsTable 50002 FileName String File name
SC_ManualProcessRequestsTable 50003 FileSize Integer File size
SC_ManualProcessRequestsTable 50004 FileCreatedDate Date File created date
SC_ManualProcessRequestsTable 50005 FileModifiedDate Date File date last modified
SC_ManualProcessRequestsTable 50006 FileAcessedDate Date File date last accessed
SC_ManualProcessRequestsTable 50007 FileType String Type of the file
SC_ManualProcessRequestsTable 50008 UserId String User ID
SC_ManualRequestsSetupTable 50001 ExtResTool String Response external tool
SC_ManualRequestsSetupTable 50002 ExtReqTool String Request external tool
SC_ManualRequestsSetupTable 50003 OutputDir String Response output directory
SC_ManualRequestsSetupTable 50004 UserId String User ID
SC_RelatedItemsTable 50001 ItemId String Item ID
SC_RelatedItemsTable 50002 RelatedItemId String Related item ID
SC_RelatedItemsTable 50003 RelationType Integer Relation type
SC_RelatedItemsTable 50004 SortNum String  Sorting number
SC_InventGroupTxt 50001 ItemGroupId String Item group ID
SC_InventGroupTxt 50002 Txt String Specifies text in the current language
SC_InventGroupTxt 50003 LanguageId String Specifies the language the text is used in
SC_FilterWebShopsTable 50001 WebShopId String Webshop ID
SC_FilterWebShopsTable 50002 FilterStr String Filter string
SC_FilterWebShopsTable 50003 FieldName String Field name
SC_ParametersTable 50001 EnableLog Enum Enable logging for all requests
SC_ParametersTable 50002 FileLogPath String Logging output directory
SC_ParametersTable 50003 DefaultSiteId String Default site ID
SC_ParametersTable 50004 DefaultLocationId String Default location ID
SC_LanguageParametersTable 50001 LanguageId String Language ID
SC_LanguageParametersTable 50002 LocaleId Integer Windows language ID
SC_WebShopsTable 50001 WebShopId String Webshop ID
SC_WebShopsTable 50002 TemplateCustAccount String Template customer code
SC_WebShopsTable 50003 ShippingCostAccount String Shipping cost account
SC_WebShopsTable 50004 PaymentCostAccount String Payment cost account
SC_WebShopsTable 50005 TemplatePaymentCode String Payment method code
Advanced Installation TopicsMS Dynamics AX 2009 Changes