Advanced Installation TopicsMS Dynamics AX 2012 Changes

MS Dynamics AX 2012 Changes

Sana Commerce 8.2
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New Menu Items

Menu Item Name Description
SC_DefaultDataWizard Sana Commerce startup wizard that guides through Sana Commerce configuration
SC_DataValidationRules Data validation rules that validate table data for response
SC_ItemVisibilityRules Customer assortment allows to configure product visibility rules
SC_InventItemCombinationInfo Product combination information overview
SC_InventItemInfoDetail Webshop catalog overview
SC_ManualProcessRequests Manual process requests used to get response from manually requested XML file
SC_InventGroupTxt Translations used to create or update the item group descriptions in different languages
SC_Parameters Webshop parameters
SC_WebShopsFilters Webshop filters
SC_WebShops Webshops
Advanced Installation TopicsMS Dynamics AX 2012 Changes