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Payment Methods and PSP Gateway

Sana Commerce 8.2
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The payment system is a very important part of the checkout process. It is very important that it worked correctly. If problems arise with payments the following things can be used to trace the problem, besides the normal means of debugging.
Payment log: Throughout the payment library important information about event and errors is logged. The logging makes use of the Logging application blocks and can be configured in different ways in the 'web.config' under the 'loggingConfiguration' node. Two logging configuration should be defined:
<add switchValue="All" name="Payment">
<add switchValue="All" name="PaymentCritical">
The payment log will be written to any of the listeners linked to those two categories (for example, file, email). The 'Payment' category will be used for non-critical information messages and warnings. On the other hand the 'PaymentCritical' will be used for critical breaking errors that require direct attention (they will cause the payment process to fail).
Example of a Payment Log 
Order object: Some information about a payment is also stored in the Order object. The first important field is the payment status field; the current status of the order can be checked here. If the status is either 'new' or 'undefined' the order is not yet paid or something went wrong in the payment. More information can also be found in the 'Fields' field. This field contains xml which contains a wide range of values that could potentially help when debugging a problem with a payment.
PSP backoffice: Most PSP providers have their own backoffice that can contain very useful information about payments and orders.
Knowledge BasePayment Methods and PSP Gateway