Knowledge BasePayment Methods and PSP Gateway

Payment Methods and PSP Gateway

Sana Commerce 8.2
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Payment Status

The payment status in Sana Commerce the PSP status should map to.

The following 4 statuses are possible in Sana Commerce:
Status Description
New Order is newly created; order is not yet in the payment flow. This status can never be set by the PSP but only when the order is initially created.
InProgress Payment of the order is in progress. The user has not paid yet.
Paid Order is paid.
Cancelled Order is cancelled by the user or something went wrong in the payment process.
If a status changes in the PSP it can be changed in this table without requiring a deployment of the code.
The mapping between the status used in the PSP provider and the status used in the Sana Commerce system can be configured in the database. Sana Commerce supports a wide selection of payment methods which will all have their own status. This mapping can be defined in the 'PaymentStatusesLookup' table in the database. It has the following fields: 
The name of the payment module as defined in the 'web.config'. The mapping for each PSP will be stored in the same table.
The status as defined by the PSP. This will differ for each PSP, please refer to the documentation of the PSP for the correct names of these status.
Knowledge BasePayment Methods and PSP Gateway