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Getting Started

Sana Commerce 8.2
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Backoffice Home Page

Sana Commerce backoffice has four modules: 'Catalog', 'Content', 'Sales' and 'Settings', each having their own options. There is also the 'Home' module, which opens the Sana Commerce backoffice home page. The 'Mobile' module is available if the Webservices add-on is added to the license:

Sana Commerce Backoffice Home Page
At the top left corner there is a multi-shop dropdown which allows to switch between the webshops in case of a multi-shop solution. Use the 'Go to webshop' link to open the webshop directly from the Sana Commerce backoffice.
Under the 'Tools' menu item at the top you can find useful tools: Application health check, File explorer, Frontend editor, Performance profiler and Scheduled tasks.
At the top right corner the username of the logged in webshop administrator is shown.
User GuideGetting Started