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Product Images Management

The chapter below describes how to add product images to the items.

Product Image Filename

The correct names to the images should be given. The filename format should be the following:

[Item No] [Separator] [Variant Code] [Separator] [Order number].[Extension]

Image file name parts Description
Item No This is a required field and should match the item no. used in NAV.
Separator This a symbol which is used to separate the product image information parts in the image file name. Default value: '_'
Variant Code This is an optional field and when it is used, it must match the variant code in NAV.
When using the Fashion add-on the variant code must match the vertical variant code in NAV.
Order number This required field is used to support multiple images for an item. When there is only one image available you should use '1' as an order number in the product image filename. The second image will have order number '2', and so on.
Extension It is the extension of a file. Supported extensions are: JPG, JPEG and GIF.

The examples of the product image names: 1001_1.jpg (with a separator '_'), 1001_M_1.jpg (with a variant code 'M').

Product Image Size

Product images should be supplied in different sizes: small, medium and large. Each size is stored in a different folder, so you must prepare three images of each size for every single product.

The small images are shown in the image carousel and on all pages where the product thumbnails are present.
The medium images are used on the 'Product details' page.
The large images are shown when you click on the 'Large image' link.

The size requirements for each image type are shown in the following table:

64 px
64 px
278 px
278 px
432 px
432 px

When the image is bigger it will be automatically scaled to 100% in order to fit the image nicely into the frame.

Product Image File Location
Images should be stored in the appropriate folders relative to their size. These folders are present in the 'Frontend' folder.
Small images are stored in '/content/files/images/ProductImages/Small'.
Medium images are stored in '/content/files/images/ProductImages/Medium'.
Large images are stored in '/content/files/images/ProductImages/Large'.

Images are stored on the web server. You need to transfer them using FTP.

Link Product Images to the Products
After images are transferred to the web server they are not available online immediately.
The 'Image Link' task must be run to link images to the products.
For more information about how to run the tasks manually, please read this chapter.
For more information about how to configure the tasks to run automatically, please read this chapter.

View the Available Images
The available images will be shown in the Sana Commerce backoffice product descriptions when you edit a product.

Add the Product Image to the Product Description
It is also possible to add the product image to the product description using the Image Manager. For more information read this chapter.

User GuideGetting Started