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Configure a Live Authorize.Net Payment Module

Please note, that this chapter does not provide a full guide on how to implement the Authorize.Net payment module with a live account. The installation of Authorize.Net on the live environment is exactly the same as on the test environment.

This chapter provides only the steps which should be performed to move the Authorize.Net payment module implementation from a test to live environment.

When a test Authorize.Net payment module is configured, do the following to use Authorize.Net payment module implementation with a live account:

Step 1: Request the Authorize.Net live account.

Step 2: Open the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce frontend and change the following values in the Authorize.Net payment module configuration section:

Name Changes
x_login The value should be changed to a live account of Authorize.Net (live account must be requested from Authorize.Net).
x_transaction_key The value should be changed to a live account transaction key (live account transaction key must be requested from Authorize.Net).
x_test_request The parameter must be deleted. It is needed only for testing purposes.
PaymentPage Change the value from:


Step 3: Configure the Authorize.Net Bank Account Confirmation task for checking the status of the orders which are transferred through the Authorize.Net Payment Provider ECheck.Net method.

For more information about how to configure the task please read this chapter.

The Authorize.Net payment module is now installed for Sana Commerce.

When everything is done and tested, keep an eye on the payment log in the following days to be sure that everything is configured correctly and that every PSP status is covered.

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