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Authorize.Net Specific Configuration Values

The table below provides the description of the Authorize.Net payment module configuration values:

Name Description
x_login The merchant API Login ID is provided in the Merchant Interface and must be stored securely.
Default value: depends on the PSP account
x_transaction_key The key which is provided by Authorize.Net.
This key and the API Login ID are the fingerprints, which provide the merchant authentication required for the access to the payment gateway.
For more information see 'Merchant Integration Guide'.
Default value: depends on the PSP account
x_delim_data In order to implement a relay response, this field must be submitted with a value of FALSE or the merchant has to configure a relay response through the Merchant Interface.
The default value should be used only.
Default value: FALSE
x_show_form The show form field indicates that the merchant wishes to use the payment gateway hosted payment form to collect payment data.
Default value: PAYMENT_FORM
x_MD5_HashKey This value is used to authenticate the transaction response. It should be installed in the Merchant Interface and specified in the 'web.config' file.
Default value: empty string
x_version The transaction version represents the set of fields that is included with the transaction response. 3.0 is the default version. 3.1 allows the merchant to utilize the Card Code feature, and is the current standard version.
The default value should be used only.
Default value: 3.1
x_test_request Indicates if a transaction should be processed as a test transaction.
The live account does not post x_test_request parameter to Authorize.Net. This parameter is needed for testing purposes.
Default value: TRUE
x_relay_response This field instructs the payment gateway to return transaction results to the merchant using the HTML form POST to the merchant's webserver for a relay response.
The default values should be used only.
Default value: TRUE
x_type The type of credit card transaction.

More detailed information about general configuration values of the external payment method can be found here.

If you want to post some optional parameters open the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce frontend. Locate the <payment-configuration> node in the <sanaCommerce> configuration section, where several modules are defined, which implement different payment methods. The 'Authorize.Net' module is only needed. Here you can add the new configuration entry in the following format:

<add name="[parameter name]" value="[parameter value]" isRequestParameter="true" />
Add-ons and ModulesAuthorize.Net