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Order Line Import

Sana Commerce 8.3
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Order Line Import for NAV

The order line import functionality is used to import the order shipment statuses from the NAV database to the SQL database.
This process updates the shipment statuses for the orders which have been exported from SQL to NAV.
For more information about the order export please read this chapter.

You can read about field mapping between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SQL databases during the order line import process here.

The shipment status for the orders can be of two values: 'Pending' and 'Complete'. The order lines can be: 'Not shipped', 'Partially shipped' and 'Shipped'. Each sales line is considered to be shipped if the 'Quantity shipped' field value equals to the 'Quantity' field value. Otherwise it will be 'Partially shipped' or 'Not shipped'. The order is 'Complete' if all order lines are 'Shipped'.

After the import process is finished the new shipment statuses will be shown on the 'Order history' and 'Order history details' pages of the frontend.

The order and orderline shipment statuses will only be shown in the order history overview when the backoffice option 'Order status' is enabled in the 'Settings -> Checkout' section.
The shipment statuses are shown only for B2C scenario on the frontend.

When using the Commerce provider you can view the order and order line statuses in the 'Sales -> Sales orders' option of the backoffice.

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