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Promotion codes can be entered by the customer in the shopping basket. When the code is valid it will give a discount on the total order amount of the shopping basket. This discount can be a percentage or a fixed amount. The promotions can be created in the backoffice.

To be able to enter the promotion code in the shopping basket, the 'Promotion code' option should be enabled: Sana Commerce backoffice > Settings > Checkout > Promotion code. For more information, see 'Checkout Settings'.

To create promotion codes: Sana Commerce backoffice > Sales > Promotions:

Promotion Details

The table below describes the properties of the promotion codes which can be configured in the 'Promotions' category:

Field Description
Name The name of the promotion. This name will be shown in the shopping basket when the promotion is activated by the customer.
Promotion code The promotion code can be generated or typed in manually. It should be at least 6 characters long with a maximum of 50 characters.
Type The type of the promotion discount. It can be 'Fixed amount' or 'Percentage' type.
Enabled When this property is set the promotion is enabled.
Redeemed The redeemed number is the number of times the promotion code has been used.
Max. redemptions The number of maximum promotion code redemptions is set here.  If empty, the promotion code can be used an unlimited number of times.
Start & End dates The start and end dates can be set for the promotion codes.  If empty, the promotion code can be used endlessly.

Use 'Translations' to provide the name of the promotion in the languages which are available in your webshop.

Watch our video tutorial 'Translations' to learn more about translations system.

  • Fixed amount discount type is used for an amount discount on the total order amount of the basket. In this case the discount is split over the product lines proportionally to the total line.

    Depending on your provider choose the chapter below to read more about the fixed amount discount type and additional provider-specific information:

  •   Get more info

  • Percentage discount type is used for a percentage discount on the total order amount of the basket. In this case the discount is posted to each product line.

The promotion discount is applied only to the product lines. It does not have any influence on the payment costs, shipping costs and service charge.

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