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Application Health Check

Application health check is an automatic system which is used to check that the Sana Commerce application and webshop work properly. Using application health check the Sana Commerce installation and configuration are tested on different aspects: functionality, security, availability, connectivity.

In case of a multi-shop solution application health check tests all existing webshops.

Application health check can be run from the Sana Commerce backoffice: Tools -> Application health check:

Application Health Check

Application health check covers three areas of tests:

  • Functional checks: test whether the Sana Commerce application, providers and webshops are configured correctly;
  • Best practice checks: test whether the Sana Commerce is installed correctly, check the authentication method, whether the default backoffice password was changed and the website configuration settings;
  • Manual checks: contain the list of recommendations for further checking of the Sana Commerce solution which can be performed only manually.

After the tests are finished you can see the total number of the performed tests, how many tests are completed successfully, with warnings or failed.

You can expand the checks areas to see the status of each individual test and its short description.

Each test is marked depending on the status:

Test status Description

The test is finished successfully.

The test is failed.

The test is finished with a warning. Such tests contain the suggestions on how to solve the problem.

The informative message which provide some recommendations.

In case if at least one test within the checks area failed or finished with a warning the whole checks area will have the same status. Only when all tests within the checks area are finished successfully the checks area will have the status 'Passed'.

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