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Sana Commerce 8.3
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Frontend Editor

Using frontend editor you can make changes in the content of the pages, edit Sana texts and manage navigation directly from the frontend in the edit mode. There is no need to search for the specific Sana texts or content pages in the backoffice if you need to edit them.

In the frontend editor you can:

  • Edit the content of the following pages: content pages, content landing pages, product list pages, product landing pages, news items and other custom pages;
  • Edit Sana texts;
  • Edit Sana alt texts;
  • View list of all Sana texts related to the current page and edit them (useful for editing validation messages);
  • Create Sana texts;
  • View list of all non-existent Sana texts related to the current page and create them;
  • Edit product attributes;
  • Edit navigation;
  • Configure navigation settings;
  • Edit the current webshop theme.

Click 'Tools -> Open frontend editor' to edit or create Sana texts, edit content pages, navigation or configure navigation settings directly from the frontend. The frontend will open in a new tab in the edit mode:

Frontend Editor

  • To edit the content of the current page click 'Edit current page' on the top bar.
    More information about the content pages which can be edited using the frontend editor can be found in the 'Content' section.

  • To edit Sana texts hover over the Sana text which you need to edit. The images, buttons and input fields can also have alt Sana texts. The popup with buttons  will appear. Click on the 'Edit sana text' or 'Edit alt sana text' button depending on what you need to edit.
    For more information about Sana texts read this chapter.

    If the same Sana text is used in different places it will be updated everywhere it is used.

  • To see all Sana texts related to the current page and edit them click 'Edit Sana texts' on the top bar. Sana texts of the current page can be filtered by the description or a group code. This option is very useful when editing validation or error messages related to the page.

  • To create Sana texts hover over the text item for which there is no Sana text yet. Click on the  button to create the Sana text. The popup with predefined group code and channels (for the current webshop and language) will appear where you can type the description.

  • To see all non-existent Sana texts related to the current page and create them click 'Create Sana texts' on the top bar.

  • To manage navigation hover over the navigation which you want to edit. Click on the 'Edit navigation' button in the popup. The new window will open where the navigation can be configured.
    For more information about the navigation configuration, please read this chapter.

  • To configure navigation presentation and navigation rules of the frontend click 'Configure navigation settings' on the top bar.
    For more information about navigation settings read this chapter.

  • To edit the current webshop theme click 'Edit current theme' on the top bar. If the custom theme is applied to the webshop it can be edited in the frontend editor.
After changes are done and saved the frontend will automatically refresh and the changes are immediately visible, but only in the frontend editor.

Click 'Refresh site cache' in the backoffice to apply changes to the webshop.

By using enhanced frontend editing capability it is much easier to edit Sana texts, content pages and navigation directly from the frontend than in the backoffice.

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