Sana Commerce 9.0
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Install Buckaroo Add-on

      The Buckaroo payment provider is available as an add-on. Only registered Sana partners can download it from our Sana Community. If you are a customer and you want to use this add-on, please contact your Sana partner or Sana project manager.

Step 1: To install the Buckaroo add-on you should simply copy the contents of the 'Frontend' folder from the Buckaroo add-on package to the Sana Commerce 'Frontend' folder ('Sana.Commerce.Startersite' if you use Sana Commerce SDK).

You will be asked whether to replace files and merge the sub-folders inside the Sana Commerce Frontend folder. Click Yes and the files will be merged.

Step 2: Log in to Buckaroo Payment Plaza and click: Configuration> Security > Certificates > Actions > Generate certificate. Generate a certificate signed by Buckaroo.

Select the following values to generate the certificate:

Field Value
Export key as Select 'PFX'.
Purpose Select 'General'.
Active Select the 'Active' checkbox.

     Make sure to store the generated certificate in a secure location, because it is not possible to redownload it.

Step 3: Copy the downloaded certificate to the 'bin' folder of the Sana Commerce Frontend (Sana.Commerce.Startersite if you use Sana Commerce SDK).

Now you can configure Buckaroo and create payment methods in the Buckaroo back-office system and Sana Admin.