Sana Commerce 9.0
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Set up Buckaroo Account

      When the Buckaroo payment provider is installed, it should be configured in the Buckaroo back-office system and in Sana Admin. To configure the Buckaroo payment provider and payment methods you should have the Buckaroo account with all the necessary data.

Step 1: In the Buckaroo Payment Plaza click: My Buckaroo > Websites. Select your web store and configure the Push settings just like on the screenshot below:

Step 2: Under the 3.0 Settings tab configure the following settings:

Settings Description
Send an email notification when a transaction completes Select this option and enter the email address below to send emails to the merchant once the payment is successfully completed.

Step 3: Click: My Buckaroo > Subscriptions. On the Subscriptions page you can see all payment method subscriptions that are a part of your Buckaroo account. You can get a subscription for any payment methods which are listed in the Payment methods section.

      Some payment methods may require extra configuration in the Buckaroo back-office system. For more information, see the Buckaroo Support website.