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Going Live with VT-Web

If you have completed integration in Sandbox (Testing Environment) and ready to go live in Production Environment, contact Veritrans Support to migrate from Sandbox to Production Environment.

Once confirmed, you can log in Veritrans Production Dashboard at with your current credentials.

After you have moved to Production, there are some other steps to do:

  1. Log in the Veritrans Production Dashboard and click: Settings > General Settings. Ensure that your general settings are completed.
  2. Under Access Keys copy the Server Key of your Veritrans production environment. Open Sana Admin and click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods > Configuration. Expand the Veritrans configuration section and in the ServerKey field enter the Server Key from the Veritrans Production Dashboard.

When everything is done and tested, keep an eye on the payment log in the following days to be sure that everything is configured correctly.

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