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Products catalog for the Sana Mobile app can be created in Sana Admin: Setup > Mobile app > Catalog. To be able to browse a catalog in the Sana Mobile app at first you should create product sets and then app's navigation in Sana Admin. For more information on how to manage the content of the Sana Mobile app in Sana Admin, see 'Mobile'.

For tablets products catalog can be presented in two different modes, either gallery mode or list mode, while for phones the products catalog can be presented only in the list mode. The catalog presentation for tablets can be changed under the app's settings on the application bar. For the catalog presentation in the list mode you can also enable/disable product images under the app's settings, both for tablets and phones.

Gallery mode: The products catalog is presented by product categories as navigation items each holding products arranged in columns. The products can be sorted by IDs, titles and prices. The gallery mode is available only for tablets:

Tablet: Product Categories in Gallery Mode

Tablet: Products in Gallery Mode with Sorting Dropdown at the Top

Tablet - Gallery Mode: Product Details Page

List mode: The whole products catalog is presented in a list mode. You can switch between product categories using the dropdown at the top of the product list page. The products can be sorted by IDs, titles and prices. Unlike the gallery mode, in the list mode you can show or hide product images:

Products in List Mode with Product Categories
and Sorting Dropdowns at the Top

Phone: Product Details Page

Tablet: Product List Mode with the Opened Product

Using product attributes in Sana Admin catalog settings you can add different product specifications, for example brand, which will be retrieved from your ERP system and shown on the products overview and product details pages. For more information, see 'Product Specifications'.

Units of measure (UOM) can be also enabled/disabled and set for the products catalog. If units of measure are enabled and set for the products in your ERP system, then quantity and prices of the products will be shown per configured unit of measure. For more information about UOM configuration, see 'Units of Measure'.

On the tablet product variants are shown in matrix where you can tap the input box to enter quantity. You can also set the quantity which should be used by default. A sales agent is also able to copy and paste quantities in matrix using operators. It is possible to copy the value from a single box and paste it into another one, copy all values from a matrix row and paste these values into another row and also copy all values from a matrix column and paste these values into another column:

Tablet: Product Variants Matrix

On the phone the product variants are shown in the list mode where you can tap a variant to select it and also set quantity:

Phone: Product Variants

The prepacks are also supported. They are shown on a separate tab:


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