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Represent Customer

To be able to place an order a sales agent should represent a customer on behalf of whom the order will be made. At the top right corner there is an icon . Tap this icon to open the Represent customer page:

Tablet: Represent Customer

On the Represent Customer page you can see the list of all assigned to the sales agent customers, their names and addresses. If the icon in the Sync state column is of a green color, this means that for this customer assortments and price rules are stored locally on device using the 'Prepare your trip' option and will be applied even when your device is not connected to the internet.

Tap the customer which you want to represent and click Continue. On the tablet when a customer is represented you can see the customer's name at the top right corner, near the icon .

On the phone you will not see the name of the represented customer at the top, but it is shown under the list of customers:

Phone: Represent Customer

On the Represent customer page you can also either stop customer representation or simply tap another customer to represent the other one.

You can also search for a customer by customer number, name or address. Just start typing in the search field and the customers list will be filtered.

Sales agents can also filter and represent a customer based on their GPS location. Tap Location based search to filter customers based on your location.

Note that when sales agent makes an order the sales taxes are calculated based on the shipping address of the customer.

From the Represent customer page sales agent can create a prospect. Tap Create new customer to open the Create prospect form where you can enter the prospect's personal information, like name and address:

Create Prospect

When the prospect is created the sales agent will automatically represent this prospect and can place a prospect order.

The Create prospect feature can be enabled/disabled in Sana Admin: Setup > Customer > Profile fieldsProspect Profile > Create prospects.

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