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Ingenico is one of the leading international Payment Service Providers. Ingenico delivers fully integrated solutions for managing electronic payments in both, business to consumer or business to business (purchasing cards) environments. Ingenico is connected through certified links to more than 200 different banks acquirers that enable handling of over 80 international and local payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, American Express as well as local ones like iDEAL in the Netherlands, Maestro UK in United Kingdom and ELV and giropay in Germany.

Ingenico Payment Services support different payment methods and cover the countries either on a European basis or even on a global basis. Ingenico provides the payment methods for Europe, Asia, Latin America, the United States and the Middle East.

For the detailed information about the countries and payment methods that are supported by Ingenico, see 'Acquiring partners and Payment methods' on the official Ingenico web site.

To configure the Ingenico payment provider and payment methods you should have the Ingenico test/live account with all the necessary data.

The table below provides the description of the Ingenico payment provider fields:

Field Description
PSPID The affiliation name in the Ogone system (account ID).
USERID The username specified in the account's user management page.
This parameter may have the same value as PSPID.
SHAInDeliminator Hash keys must be configured both in the Ogone backoffice and in Sana Admin to check the data which is sent. Make sure that the values of these parameters are the same in the Ogone backoffice and in Sana Admin; otherwise an error will be thrown.
Operation Possible only for direct payments. Authorization is not supported. The value of the 'Operation' parameter should be left empty or set to 'SAL'. The 'SAL' value for maintenance operations is used for partial data capture (payment), leaving the transaction open for a possible other data capture.
HashAlgorithm This parameter is used to check/prepare hash of parameters. The value of this parameter must be the same in the Ogone backoffice (SHA512) and in Sana Admin; otherwise the security error will occur.

Configure the Ingenico payment provider in the Ogone backoffice. Log in the Ogone backoffice and click: Configuration > Technical information.

The table below provides the description of the settings that should be configured:

Global transaction parameters
Default operation code Select 'Sale'.
Processing for individual transactions Select 'Online but switch to offline in intervals when the online acquiring system is unavailable.'
Global security parameters
Compose the string to be hashed by concatenating the value of Select 'Each parameter followed by the passphrase.'
  The option 'Main parameters only' is no longer supported for the new Ogone accounts. But for the old accounts it is still present. This is because this option uses the older method of SHA encoding. Therefore, when you create a new Ogone account, it is automatically set to 'Each parameter followed by the passphrase'.
Hash algorithm Select 'SHA-512' in order to comply with the highest data security standards. The selected value should match the value in Sana Admin.
Payment Page layout
No obligatory settings are required.
Data and origin verification
Checks for e-Commerce:
SHA-IN Pass phrase
Should match the [SHAInDeliminator] value in Sana Admin.
Transaction feedback
HTTP redirection in the browser
  • Check 'I want to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs.'
  • Check 'I want Ogone to display a short text to the customer on the secure payment page if a redirection to my website is detected immediately after the payment process.'
Direct HTTP server-to-server request
  • Always deferred (not immediately after the payment)': this option should be set only on the Beta/Live environment.
    The feedback request will be sent shortly after the end of the payment process.
  • 'Always online (immediately after the payment to allow customization of the response seen by the customer)': this option should be set only on the Test environment.
    The feedback request will be sent online sometime between Ogone system's receipt of the acquirer's response and the time it notifies the customer of the payment result.
    In this case, the payment process takes longer for the customer, but the merchant can send a personalized response to the customer.
URL of the merchant's post-payment page Set full path to the payment confirmation page in both fields:
This path should be specified only for Beta/Live environment.
Request method Select 'POST'.
General Check 'I want Ogone to re-launch the "end of transaction" (post-payment request/redirection) process if required.'
SHA-OUT Pass phrase Should match the [SHAOutDeliminator] value in Sana Admin.
HTTP request for status changes Check 'No request.'
Transaction e-mails
E-mails to the merchant Specify the e-mail addresses to which the information messages from Ogone should be sent. Determine what type of messages you want to receive.
Test Info
Information about test card numbers or amounts are set on this tab.

Configure the Ingenico payment methods in the Ogone backoffice. Log in the Ogone backoffice and click: Configuration > Payment methods. Here you can setup the necessary payment methods.

Setup Payment Methods in the Ogone Backoffice

When Ingenico is configured you can set up the necessary payment methods in Sana Admin that are supported by Ingenico.

For information about how to create and configure payment methods in Sana Admin, see 'Payment methods'.

Test the payment/checkout flow to see if everything works fine using the created payment methods and the correct payment statuses.

When everything is done and tested, keep an eye on the payment log in the following days to be sure that everything is configured correctly.

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