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Payment Methods

All Sana's payment add-ons are used to integrate with third-party payment service providers. These payment providers are outside of our control. Therefore, Sana cannot be held responsible for them. Sometimes companies change some features of their payment solutions or even stop supporting the API that is used for integration with third-party products like Sana Commerce. This may lead to the fact that the add-on may stop working because the API is no longer supported by the payment provider. Of course, we try to keep track of the API support policy of the payment providers we support and make the necessary decisions in advance. Despite this, if you want to use some payment add-on, we recommend that you first contact your Customer Success Manager or Project Manager and clarify its compatibility with your Sana version and whether the API is supported by the payment provider.

In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods.

Under the Payment methods tab you can setup payment providers and create payment methods.

Payment provider is a service that allows to accept credit card payments securely online through your webstore.

Sana Commerce connects to different payment providers across the world:

  • Authorize.Net
  • ChargeLogic (available as add-on)
  • DIBS
  • Docdata
  • Ingenico
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Payflow Link
  • Veritrans (available as add-on)
  • PostFinance (available as add-on)
  • WorldPay (available as add-on)
  • KBC Paypage (available as add-on)
  • Adyen (available as add-on)
  • Buckaroo (available as add-on)
  • Sage Pay (available as add-on)
  • CyberSource (available as add-on)
  • Wirecard (available as add-on)

All above mentioned payment providers, except ChargeLogic, are preinstalled and thus are a part of Sana. You do not have to install a payment provider. You should have an account (test/ live) of the payment provider that you will use with all necessary data, configure and enable the payment provider in Sana Admin and create payment methods that are supported by your payment provider.

Configure payment provider

Step 1: Under the Payment methods tab click Configuration.

Step 2: Find the necessary payment provider and expand its configuration area.

Step 3: Configure the payment provider by entering the payment provider specific settings of the test/ live account.

When Sana Commerce is installed on the test/beta environment, the payment integration mode is automatically set to 'test'.

When Sana Commerce is installed on the live environment, the payment integration mode is automatically set to 'live'.

Which integration mode of the payment provider is used is determined by the value of the 'PaymentIntegrationMode' parameter in the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce frontend.

Below are the links to the chapters that contain the detailed information about each payment provider:

When payment provider is configured you can create and configure the payment methods.

Create payment methods

To create payment methods you should have a configured payment provider.

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods.

Step 2: Click New item to create a payment method.

Configuration of the payment methods is almost the same for any payment provider; the only difference is in the Payment provider field and payment provider specific settings.

The table below provides the description of the general payment method fields:

Field Description
Name Enter the payment method name.
Enabled Enable/disable payment method. Payment methods can be also enabled/disabled in the payment methods list.
Image Select the payment method icon. It is shown in the webstore in the list of available payment methods near its name.
Selected by default If this checkbox is activated, this payment method will be selected in the webstore by default.
Payment provider Select your payment provider. Some of the payment providers contain the additional settings that may appear.
Payment costs Configure the payment costs per currency. Select the currency and enter amount including and excluding tax. Depending on the customer setting in your ERP system (Prices including VAT/TAX) the appropriate amount will be used.
Availability per country Select for which countries the payment method should be available.

The table below provides the description of the payment provider specific settings:

Settings Description
x_method The method of payment for the transaction: CC (credit card) or ECHECK (electronic check).
Default: CC
x_type The type of credit card transaction.


For more information about credit card transaction types supported by Authorize.Net, see 'Transaction Types'.

Docdata/ Docdata (old API)
profile The payment profile that is set in the Docdata backoffice.
PM The proper 'PM' values can be found in the Ogone documentation. You should log in the Ogone backoffice and then click: Support > Integration & user manuals > Technical Guides > Parameter Cookbook. Find the 'PM' field name in the table and in the 'Details' column you can see the links to the list of the 'Brand' and 'PM' values for the test and production environments.
BRAND The 'Brand' values can be seen in the Ogone backoffice on the payment methods page: Configuration > Payment methods.

There are two system payment methods: 'On account' and 'Zero'. These payment methods are not shown in Sana Admin and it is not possible to edit them.
The 'On account' payment method can be used by B2B customers if this option is enabled: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering > Online payments for B2B customers.
The 'Zero' payment method is used automatically when the total cost of an order is equal to 0.

There is also the Internal (on account) payment provider that is not configurable in Sana Admin, but it can be enabled/disabled. Unlike the system on account payment method you can create and configure payment methods with the assigned 'Internal (on account)' payment provider. The payment method of the 'Internal (on account)' payment provider is shown in the webstore and can be selected by a customer.

Translate payment method name

Under the Payment methods tab you can also select any available language in the dropdown and provide the names of the payment methods in the selected language. When you translate the payment method name into any language you can also change the icon of the payment method.

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