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Web Pages

In Sana Admin click: Setup > Web pages.

Under Web pages you can define the home page and customer service page for your webstore. Any of the existing pages (Flexi-page, Product list page, News item, FAQ page, any system page) can be set as your webstore home page/customer service page. You can search for a page by title or URL. You can also create a new blank page that will be automatically set as the home page/customer service page and then fill it in with content.

In the webstore the customer service page can be accessed by clicking Customer service at the top of the webstore.

If you open the list of any existing web pages in Sana Admin you can also set any of the pages as your webstore home page directly from there, by clicking on the button  and selecting Set as home page.

For more information about different pages that can be created in Sana Admin, see 'Web Pages'.

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