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Track Order

You can add more value to the shipping methods functionality. Give your customers the benefit of tracking their orders at real time directly from the Sana Commerce webstore.

The customers just need to click on the tracking number from the order details/posted shipment in the webstore to check delivery status of their package directly on the shipping service provider website.

Track & Trace Number

To allow customers tracking their orders:

Step 1: Configure shipping providers and methods in the ERP system. Enter the URL of the tracking web site for each shipping provider you are configuring.

For more information, read one of the following articles depending on the ERP system you are connected to:

Step 2: Map shipping methods in Sana Admin to the shipping methods in the ERP system. This can be done in the 'External shipping method' field.

External Shipping Method

For more information about how to configure shipping methods in Sana Admin, see 'Shipping methods'.

Step 3: To show a tracking number to a customer on the order details/posted shipment page in the webstore it should be available in the ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV the tracking number can be entered on the sales order or posted sales shipment, under the Shipping FastTab, in the Package Tracking No. field. If you fill in the Package Tracking No. field on the sales header, the program will copy it to the posted sales shipment automatically.

Package Tracking No.

If tracking number is available on the sales order/posted sales shipment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it will be shown in the webstore on the order details/posted shipment page. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX

In Microsoft Dynamics AX the tracking numbers are coming from the integrated shipping service provider. If tracking number is present in the order tracking information of the related sales order in Microsoft Dynamics AX, it will be shown in the webstore only for the posted shipments. It is possible to see the tracking number in the webstore only when order delivery has been posted in Microsoft Dynamics AX and order tracking information is available in the packing slip journal of the related sales order.

Tracking Number

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