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Product Availability

Few things can have an influence on product availability information in the webstore. This chapter summarizes the information about those things which may influence the product availability:

1. The Availability depends on stock in Sana Admin: Setup > Products > Stock and assortment. Two options are available:

  • OFF - The availability of a product is not influenced by stock. You can order without limits.
  • ON - The availability of a product in the webstore is checked whether it is in stock or out of stock.
    When a certain product is out of stock, the not available text will be shown in the webstore instead of the Add to basket button.
    If you try to order the number of products which exceeds the number available in stock, you will see a message in the basket: 'The quantities you requested are not available, and are reduced to the available quantities.' This means that the quantity will be changed to that which is available in stock.

2. Visibility and orderability of products: This should be accurately configured and checked in your ERP system. This means that the webstore catalog should be correctly created and configured in the ERP system.

Refer to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP manual on Sana online help, depending on your ERP system:

Use the Webshop Catalog Overview form in your ERP system to check products visibility and orderability. This form simulates the webstore behavior. If a product is not orderable you can see the reason of this. Everything is in one place and you can do the necessary changes directly from this form. For instance if a product is not visible you can open it from this form and make it visible.

For more information, see:

3. Indexing of the product information: The Product import task is used to retrieve the product information from the database to build or update the webstore index. Therefore, when you change product information, for instance change visibility of a product you should run the product index task to update the product information in the webstore.

For more information, see 'Product import'.

4. Customer Assortment: Webstore administrators can offer an optimized assortment of products to their customers by managing the webstore catalog that appeal to all customers as well as products targeted to the individual customers.

For more information, see 'Customer Assortment'.

5. Catalog filter: Webstore administrators can use the catalog filter in the ERP system when only a subset of the webstore catalog should be visible.

For more information, see:

6. Data Validation Rules: The Data Validation Rules form can be used to manage data validation in your ERP system for the appropriate tables and fields. Configuration of the validation rules affect data retrieving. Thus, you can configure validation rules which will define if an item is orderable. Only data which satisfies the selected criteria can be processed.

For more information, see:

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