How toDesign Pack [Sana 9.1.4 & later]

Design Pack [Sana 9.1.4 & later]

Sana Commerce 9.1
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Applies to: Sana 9.1.4 and later

      A design pack can be applied only to the standard Sana installation. If you have a customized project, design of your web store can be still changed, but you should contact your Sana partner or Sana project manager to check the options.

Design pack is a package which can contain store layout, page layouts and theme. Page layouts and store layout can be included in one design pack, or these can be separate packages. By uploading a design pack into Sana, the custom layouts and themes become available in Sana Admin to manage webstore design.

For more information about how to upload a design pack in Sana, about store layouts, page layouts and themes, see 'Design'.

If branding is essential to your company, it is important that your webstore has a consistent look. Store and page layouts, and themes are used to change the look and feel of your webstore.

This guide is targeted at Web developers and provides information that is needed to be able to create a design pack.

The goal of this tutorial is to learn what should be included into the design pack, how the contents of the design pack should be organized and how to create the design pack.

How toDesign Pack [Sana 9.1.4 & later]