How toDesign Pack [Sana 9.1.4 & later]

Design Pack [Sana 9.1.4 & later]

Sana Commerce 9.1
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In the root of design pack directory, you can create the themes folder. There you can add the theme file(s) which will be imported to Sana with the design pack.

To create a theme, log in to Sana Admin and click: Setup > Design > Themes. You can create a theme in Sana Admin and then download it. The downloaded theme XML file you can add to the design pack. This can be useful, if you need to apply the same design pack to multiple webstore. You can also export and import the theme XML file in Sana Admin without using the design pack. For more information, see 'Themes'.

How toDesign Pack [Sana 9.1.4 & later]