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Quantity Discounts

A quantity discount is a discount that is given to customers when they purchase a particular quantity of a product. For example, you can set up a 20 percent discount for the purchase of two T-shirts of a particular brand.

Set up a quantity discount:

Step 1: Click Retail > Common > Pricing and discounts > Quantity discounts.

Quantity Discounts

Step 2: Create a new quantity discount.

Step 3: Enter a Discount ID and a Name. If number sequences are set up, Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically generates the ID numbers.


If a discount is valid for a product, a discount name will be shown in the webshop on the product details page. Using In-site editor you can change the discount/price adjustment name retrieved from AX and create a nice description per each available language in the webshop.

Step 4: Under the General FastTab, in the Status field, you can enable or disable the discount.


A discount can be edited only if it is disabled.

Step 5: Click Price groups and select one or more price groups that the discount applies to.

Step 6: Under the Price/discount FastTab, in the Discount type field, select either Discount % to calculate the discount prices as percentage discount or select Unit price to enter specific prices for quantities of the product.

Step 7: Under the Validation period FastTab you can define the period during which a discount is valid.

Step 8: Under the Lines FastTab click Add to add a single product to the discount or click Add products to add multiple products. If a product has variants you can also click Add all variants to automatically add all product variants that are available for the selected product as separate lines.

Step 9: Click Configuration at the top and in the Minimum quantity field enter the minimum quantity that the customer must buy to qualify for the discount. In the Unit price or Disc. % field, depending on the discount type selected under the Price/discount FastTab, enter the amount or percentage of the discount.

Quantity Discount Configuration

This way you can either define a new unit price or a percentage discount when a certain number of a product has been sold and set a further discount with an increasing number of products.

Different discounts and price adjustments can be valid for a single product. In this case all possible discount offers will be shown on the product details page. If more than one discount applies to a product, a customer may receive either one discount or a combined discount. A Discount concurrency mode can be set under the General FastTab. It allows to specify how the discount is combined with other discounts that apply to the same product. Only the discount or combination of discounts that meet the conditions will be applied to the sales order.

Discount concurrency mode Description
Exclusive In this mode the discount cannot be used in conjunction with another discount.
Best price In this mode the best price will be determined and used as a discount.
Compounded In this mode the discount will be applied on top of other discounts.

When a customer adds the product to the shopping basket, the price is automatically updated to reflect any price adjustments or discounts. If the discount has been applied, it is also shown in the shopping basket.

ERP User GuideAX Retail