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MercadoPago uses the latest currency codes for the currency IDs. Make sure that the same currency codes are setup in your ERP system. For more information, see:

IP ranges used in communications with MercadoPago

Whenever information is sent from MercadoPago to your Web server (for example from IPN or Webhooks), this information will be sent from one of the IPs in the range listed below: - - - - - -

Thus, you can protect your web store using a firewall that allows incoming traffic only from the above mentioned IPs.

SSL certificate and HTTPS communication

A Sana web store must run under HTTPS. MercadoPago uses SSL to guarantee a secure communication.

Refresh your credentials

By clicking on the refresh button, you can get new pairs of credentials. When you do this, the previous ones will stop being supported by MercadoPago and you will be no longer able to authenticate, if you don't update your code with the new credentials.

Use this function only when you think your credentials were breached or for other security matters, like password changing, from time to time.

Receive productive payments

Initially a Sana web store will only be able to interact with MercadoPago in a sandbox mode.

For you to receive productive payments, you first have to pass the homologation process. To do this, you have to select your web store in credentials, and complete a form with basic information about your business. After that your web store will be automatically activated, and you will be able to start using the production keys and receive real payments.

Customization support for developers

As the MercadoPago add-on introduces a new checkout step, new class "AddonOrderCheckoutProcess" has been implemented as the base class to avoid conflicts between add-ons and customizations. This new class is an extension to "OrderCheckoutProcess". If you are planning to do any customizations in the checkout process, please use this new class as your base class.

MercadoPago features which are supported/not supported by Sana

Field Status
Save/Update Card details Supported if available
Pay in cash Supported if available
Pay through bank deposit Supported if available
Pay through bank transfer Supported for Chile
3D Security Supported if available
Show specific payment methods Supported
Hide specific payment methods Supported
Charge credit cards in installments Not supported
Perform an authorization of funds (Full, Partial and Cancel) Not supported
Refunds and cancellations (Full/partial refunds and Cancel) Not supported
Get a fee for each transaction Not supported
Subscription Not supported
Request money by e-mail Not supported


If there are any issues with paying orders through MercadoPago:

  1. Check whether a customer is from Latin America. MercadoPago is available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.
  2. Check whether you entered the correct values for the following parameters in the payment method settings and in the correct format. These values are case sensitive.
    • Public key
    • Access token
    • Client id
    • Client secret
  3. Check other payment method settings.
  4. Check whether the customer's currency is the same as the currency set for the payment method.
  5. When copying some MercadoPago field values to Sana Admin, check that there are no leading and trailing spaces.
Payment ServicesMercadoPago