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Configure MercadoPago in Sana Admin

When the MercadoPago payment provider is installed, it should be configured in Sana Admin.

To configure MercadoPago:

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods > Configuration > MercadoPago Payment.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate payment integration mode.

There are two modes: Test and Live. Test mode allows to simulate the payment process as if it is a real payment, and helps to make sure that everything will behave the same way when you go live. Live mode implies that a customer makes a real purchase using already configured payment provider and methods.

Step 3: Configure the payment provider by entering the payment provider specific settings of the test/ live account.

The table below provides the description of the MercadoPago payment provider settings.

Field Description
Hash algorithm This parameter is used to check/prepare hash of parameters. Possible values are SHA512 and SHA256. SHA512 is the default value and it is strongly recommended to use it.
Signature hash delimiter This key is used to validate payment detail parameters: Status, Amount, Description, PaymentMethodId, Token, Instalments. It can be any key from 1 to 8 characters with a combination of upper/lower case or numbers.

When MercadoPago is installed and configured, you can set up the necessary payment methods in Sana Admin that are supported by your MercadoPago account.

Payment ServicesMercadoPago