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Discount Codes

Sana Commerce supports the diverse functionality of Microsoft Dynamics retail offers, but it also has its own functionality of discount codes.

In Sana Admin you can create discount codes that can be entered in the shopping cart and give either a percentage or a fixed amount discount on the total order amount. A discount code is applied to all products in the shopping cart and it is posted to the sales order header in ERP.

To enable/disable discount codes in Sana Admin, click: Setup > Marketing > Promotions > Discount codes.

To create discount codes in Sana Admin, click: Promotions > Discount codes.

The table below provides the description of the discount code fields:

Field Description
Name Enter the name of the discount. This name will be shown in the shopping basket when the discount code is entered by the customer.
Discount code Enter the discount code or generate it automatically. It should be at least 6 characters long and not more than 50.
Enabled Enable/disable the discount code.
Redeemed In the Redeemed field you can see how many times the discount code has been used by the customers.
Max. redemptions In this field you can enter the number of maximum redemptions of the discount code.
Start date In this field you can enter the date starting from which the discount code should be active.
End date In this field you can enter the date until which the discount code should be active.
Type Select the discount type:
  • Fixed amount - enter the discount amount. You should enter amount including tax and amount excluding tax per currency. The appropriate amount is used for the discount depending on the customer's settings in your ERP system.
  • Percentage - enter the discount percentage.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, see also 'Discounts in NAV'.
If you are using Microsoft Dynamics AX, see also 'Discounts in AX'.
If yoy are using SAP Business One, see also 'Discounts in SAP B1'.
If you are using SAP ERP, see also 'Discounts in SAP'.

In Sana Admin, on the Discount codes page, you can see the list of all existing discount codes, sort them by any field and search for a specific discount code by name code.

Translate discount code name

The names of the discount codes can be translated to any installed language.

On the Discount codes page you can select a language and translate any discount code name to the selected language, if your webstore is multi-lingual. Two columns Name will be shown, when the language is selected. The first column stores the discount code name in the default language (English), the second column holds the translated discount code name into the selected language. If in the second column you see a greyed out link Translate, this means that there is no translation for the related discount code. You can click Translate to translate the name of the discount code.

You can also translate any existing discount code name from its discount code details page. Locate the discount code you want to translate and click Edit. On the discount code page select a language into which you want to translate its name.

When you translate the discount code name it is presented in two columns. The first column holds the discount code name in the default language (English) and it is not editable, while in the second column you can provide translation in the selected language.

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