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Discounts in SAP B1

This chapter contains only SAP B1 Connector specific information related to the discount codes configuration. General information about the discount codes configuration can be found here.

If you select the fixed amount type you should enter amount including tax and amount excluding tax per currency. The appropriate amount is used for the discount depending on the customer's settings in SAP Business One:

  • Set Amount incl. tax - when Liable option is selected in the Business Partner Master Data.
  • Set Amount excl. tax - when Exempt option is selected in the Business Partner Master Data.

Known issue

You may encounter a small rounding issue when using the "Fixed amount" discount type.


In Sana Admin, the promotion code of the "Fixed amount" type is created. The discount amount is set to 25 Euro.

In the shopping cart of the Sana web store the promotion code is calculated as 24,99 Euro.

This is because in SAP Business One you can enter only the discount percentage with 2 decimal places, rounding down a cent or two sometimes.

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