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Full-Page Banner

The Full-page banner content element allows to add a banner image to a web page.

A page banner fills the entire width of a page. The recommended banner image size is 1920px by 451px. At least the width of a banner image must be not less than 1920px.

The table below provides description of the "Full-page banner" content element fields.

Field Description
Image Select the full-page banner image.
Title Enter the full-page banner title. It is shown in front of the banner image.
Sub title Enter the full-page banner sub title. It is shown in front of the banner image, under the title.
Button text Add the text which will be shown on a button. The button is shown under the sub title.
Link Assign any internal page or an external URL to the button. To link the internal page to the button, you can search for it by title or URL.

You can also create a blank page that will be automatically linked to the button and manage it later.
Open in new browser tab Select this checkbox, if you want the page linked to the button to be opened in a new tab when clicking on it.
Display in full width This option slightly changes the position of the title, sub title and button on the banner image.

     The option Display in full width is available in Sana 9.2.1 and higher.

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