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Image Tiles

The Image tiles content element can be added to a flexi-page, product and product list pages in Sana Admin. Using the "Image tiles" content element, you can showcase assortments and brands you are selling right on the home page, for example. You can also inform customers about different discounts and offers.

You can add up to four images to the image tiles content element with a link and description.

The table below provides description of the "Image tiles" content element fields.

Field Description
Display in full width Use this option either to center the image tiles on a page or to expand the content element to the full width of a page.

     The option Display in full width is available in Sana 9.2.1 and higher.

Image Add an image.
Alternate text Enter an alternate text to an image. It helps search engines understand what an image is about. Alternate text is also very helpful in case an image on a page cannot be found.
Link Assign any internal page or an external URL to the image. To link the internal page to the image, you can search for it by title or URL.

You can also create a blank page that will be automatically linked to the image and manage it later.
Open in new browser tab Select this checkbox, if you want the page linked to the image tile to be opened in a new tab, when clicking on it.
Description Add a description to an image tile. It is shown under the image. You can also add a link.
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