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Sana Commerce 9.3
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Add In Page Navigation Content Element

The In page navigation content element can be added to the web pages (flexi-pages, product and product list pages) and system pages of the Sana web store.

In page navigation settings

The table below provides description of the in page navigation content element settings. This content element adds three navigation buttons to the web page - left, center and right.

Field Description
Display in full width Use this option either to center the navigation buttons on a page or to expand them to the full width of a page.
Left/Center/Right button link You can assign any internal page or external URL to the buttons. To link the internal page you can search for it by title or URL. You can also create a blank page that will be automatically linked to the button and manage it later on.
Left/Center/Right button title Enter the titles of the buttons.
Left/Center/Right button icon Use this field to add icons to the buttons. If this field is empty the default icon will be used. The recommended size of the image is 32x32px.

Add icons to the following directory: content\files\content\InPageNavigation.

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