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System Pages

You can manage the content not only of different web pages, such as flexi-pages, product list and product pages, but you can also add different content elements to the system pages of a Sana web store. System pages are the standard pages that exist in Sana by default.

You can add different content elements to the header and footer of the following system pages:

  • Login
  • Checkout
  • My account page
  • Sales documents pages (You cannot add content elements to a specific sales document page. Once these elements are added to the header and footer of the sales document pages, they will be shown on all sales document list pages (orders, quotes, invoices, return orders, return receipts, credit notes, shipments and order templates).
  • Basket
  • Registration
  • Contact us
  • Order confirmation

You can add content elements to the "Contact us" page starting from Sana 9.3.1.

Using content elements, you can enrich system pages of your Sana web store with the original, creative and useful content.

In Sana Admin click: Setup > Web pages > System pages. Click Edit on the system page you want to add a content element to. Add the necessary content to the system page.

You should not overload system pages with content, but you can add some useful information there, for example related to security, payment and delivery services you are using.

See an example of basket system page with content elements added to the header and footer in the Sana web store.

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