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Sana Commerce webstore comes with different product and content page templates. Webstore administrators are allowed to create news to be published in the webstore. 

In case of the 'open' webstore type, webstore visitors who do not have an account can also read news. If a webstore is 'closed', first a customer must log in to be able to read news.


Create a news item 

News items can be created and managed in Sana Admin > Web pages > News.

Here you can create news items, edit or delete, translate into any available language, copy to another webstore in case of a multi-store solution, view a news item in a webstore and set a news item as a home page.

When a page is filled in with content you can preview it to see how it will look in the webstore before saving it.

In Sana Admin you can search for a news item by title, URL or news item date. You can also sort the news items by title, URL and news item date.

The tables below provide the description of the news item fields.

Field Description
Title Enter the news item title.
URL Enter the news item URL. You should specify the part of the news item URL which will be used after your webstore address.
  • demoitem
  • demoitem/item

URL is the required field only for the news items in the default language (English). For the news items in other existing languages the URL field is optional. If you do not specify it, the URL of the default language (English) will be used.

News item date Enter the date when the news item should be published. The date of publishing is also shown in the webstore under the news item title. The news items in the webstore are sorted based on this date.
Main description Add the actual news message text.
Short description Provide a short description of the news item. It is placed near the main description.


Field Description
Meta title Add meta title and meta description to the news item.

Meta title is shown in the Web browser on a tab of the opened page. If the Meta title field is empty, the title of the opened page and the name of the webstore set in the Sana Admin settings will be shown on the tab of the Web browser. If you enter a meta title, you can also use the [SHOPNAME] replacement tag. This tag will be automatically replaced with the webstore name set in the Sana Admin settings.

Meta description describes your page to search engines. It should provide concise explanation of the web page contents. Meta description is used on search engine result pages to display short description for a given page.

Meta title and meta description are important factors for a successful search engine optimization of your webstore.

Meta description

Translate a news item

Under the News menu item you can select a language and translate any news item to the selected language, if your webstore is multi-lingual. Two columns Title will be shown, when the language is selected. The first column stores the news items in the default language (English), the second column holds the translated news items into the selected language. If in the second column you see a greyed out link Translate, this means that there is no translation for the related news item. You can click Translate to translate the content of the related news item.

You can also translate any existing news item from its content management page. Locate the news item that you want to translate and click Edit. On the News item page select a language into which you want to translate the content of the news item.

When you translate a news item it is presented in two columns. The first column holds the news item content in the default language (English), while in the second column you can provide translation to the news item title, URL, main and short descriptions, meta title and meta description.

In the webstore, when a customer navigates to the news, on the left the headlines of 5 latest by date news items are shown:

A webstore visitor can see an overview of the news items. On the news items overview page a news item title, date and short description are shown. The news items are sorted by news item date. Clicking on the news item title (link) opens the entire news article.

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