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Content Elements

Content elements can be added to flexi-pages, system pages, product and product list pages in Sana Admin.

Great content is the key to success. Use content elements to enrich your web store with original, creative and useful content.

Sana comes with a few content elements out-of-the-box:

There are also content elements which are available as add-ons that can be installed into Sana.

For more information, see "Content Elements".

The number of content elements that can be added to the page is not limited. You can also change the order of the content elements by dragging and dropping them. The content elements are shown on a page in the order they are arranged.

Content Element Title

Using the Content element title field you can give names to content elements for their better presentation in Sana Admin. You can use this to have a better overview of content elements on a page and find the one you need faster.

Customer Segments

You can also set up customer segments for any content element. It allows to show different content elements on the page to specific customer groups. When you set up customer segments for the content elements on the page, you can show a certain content only to the customers which are in the customer segment. All other customers will not see this content element. This way you can fill your web store with the customer-specific content.

If you assign a customer segment to a content element, then you will see the icon  on the expandable item block. This way a user can see an overview of all content elements on a page to which customer segments are assigned and don't need to check the settings of each content element.

For more information, see "Customer Segments".

Content Visibility

You can also set up the dates when the content element should be available in the web store. Enter the From date (the start date when the content is visible) and the To date (the end date when the content is visible), if you want this content element to be available in the web store for some period of time. Both of these fields are optional, so you can specify either a From date or a To date.

This can be useful for marketing campaigns. For example, you can create some content related to Christmas Sales or Black Friday beforehand and specify the dates when this content must be shown in the web store.

Using the Preview date field, you can preview a page now or you can see how this page will look in the web store at a specific date in the future.

For example, you want some content element to be shown in the web store at a specific date, but you do not know how good it will look on the page together with other content elements, thus you can set the preview date and preview this page to check it.

Replacement Tags

Sana offers a lot of great features that allow content managers to create personalized content. Using Replacement tags, you can impress your customers even more with content addressed to each customer individually.

You can use replacement tags in the content elements, such as customer name, e-mail or address to contact your customers directly through your web store content. These tags will be replaced with your customer's personal information retrieved from the ERP system. Replacement tags can be used in the text (HTML) editor and in different text fields such as Title, Sub title, Button text etc.

In this way, you can build and deepen relationships with each individual customer.

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