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Configure FedEx Shipping Methods

When FedEx is installed and configured, the list of FedEx service types is automatically available to create FedEx shipping methods.

Set up FedEx shipping methods

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Shipping methods.

Step 2: Click New item to create shipping method.

The table below provides the description of the fields and settings that should be configured when you create FedEx shipping methods:

Fields and settings Description
Name Enter the name of the shipping method.
Enabled Enable/disable the shipping method.
You can also enable/disable shipping methods on the shipping methods list page.
External shipping method Map the shipping method to the one configured in your ERP system.

If the shipping method in Sana Admin is mapped to the shipping method in your ERP system, then when a customer places an order in the webstore the selected shipping method will be stored in the sales order in the ERP system.

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Image Add an image icon of the shipping method.
If you add an icon, it will be shown in the webstore in the list of delivery methods.
Description You can add a description to the shipping method. Shipping method description is shown in the Sana web store on the 'Delivery method' checkout step, where a customer can select the shipping method he or she wants his or her order to be delivered.
Link You can add a link to the external website or internal page that contains some additional information.
Calculation method Select FedEx.

The shipping costs are calculated by FedEx in real-time depending on the FedEx service type, customer's shipping address, actual weight and dimensions of the package.

    The FedEx calculation method is available only when the FedEx add-on is installed.
For more information about how to install and configure the FedEx shipping carrier, see 'FedEx'.

Service type     Sana does not support FedEx Freight Services despite the fact that you can see them in the list of available service types.

Select FedEx service type.

FedEx gives you choices when you want to ship online.
When you create a FedEx shipping method select one of the available FedEx service types. Each FedEx service type calculates prices depending on different aspects, like country of delivery, weight of a package and its dimensions. When a customer places an order in the webstore, availability of FedEx shipping methods also depends on these aspects.

For a detailed information about different FedEx services, visit FedEx website.

Availability per country Select countries for which the shipping method should be available. If some country is not selected, the shipping method will not be available to the customers of that country.
Customer segments     Applies to: Sana 9.3.1 and higher

Assign customer segments. Using customer segments you can filter shipping methods. If you add a customer segment to the shipping method, then this shipping method will be available only to the customers that meet the criteria set in the customer segment. Other customers will not see this shipping method.

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