Delivery ServicesTranssmart [Deprecated]

Transsmart [Deprecated]

Sana Commerce 9.3
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As of October 2021, Sana does not support Transsmart. This is because three logistics companies, Consignor, Transsmart, and Unifaun have merged together and announced the launch of nShift, a Europe's largest delivery management solution provider for e-commerce shops, retailers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics providers. We will continue to support Consignor under the new name nShift.


Transsmart is available as a licensed add-on, which means that Sana charges an additional fee for it. Before installing the Transsmart add-on, please contact your Sana Project Manager or your Customer Success Manager. If your Sana web store was not implemented by Sana, please contact your Sana Partner.

Transsmart makes shipping easy for you and your customers. Transsmart uses innovative shipping software which helps to increase the speed, transparency and flexibility of your entire shipping process: from purchase to delivery and returns. That is how Transsmart ensures satisfied customers.

Transsmart makes logistics faster, simpler and more transparent, both for senders and recipients.

Transsmart's cloud-based shipping and delivery management solutions are seamlessly integrated with more than 400 carriers. Each day, over 250.000 pallets and packages are booked and shipped to and from 150 countries all over the world. Transsmart's system is used by more than 1.200 domestic (Dutch) and international clients 24/7.

Integration with Transsmart allows to calculate shipping costs real-time depending on the selected shipping method, customer's shipping address or pickup location, actual weight and dimensions of the package.

Another distinguishing feature of this service is that it supports pickup locations. If a customer places an order in the Sana web store and selects a shipping carrier which supports pickup locations, he or she can select a pickup location instead of the shipping address.

This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to install and configure the Transsmart add-on for your Sana Commerce solution.

Delivery ServicesTranssmart [Deprecated]