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Product Indexing Performance

Sana uses the "Product import" task in Sana Admin to retrieve material data from SAP ECC to build and update the catalog of a webstore. Material data from SAP ECC that is indexed by Sana is also used for webstore search, sorting and filtering of products, product sets configuration and product specifications.

For more information, see "Product Import".

Using "Webstore Catalog Overview" in SAP ECC you can simulate webstore behavior - see an overview of all materials, their prices, stock, units of measure, last modified date of materials, materials orderability and visibility. Webstore Catalog Overview is also used to manage materials visibility. Only those materials that are marked as visible in SAP ECC are indexed by Sana and shown in the webstore.

If you need to change some data of a large number of materials in SAP ECC at once, it can take a lot of time for Sana to update the product index. One of the main reasons of this is that Sana for SAP ECC uses the standard SAP table CDHDR to retrieve information about material changes when indexing products.

You can consider the following actions to improve performance of product indexing:

  1. Create an index for the UDATE and UTIME fields of the CDHDR table. Contact your Sana project manager or Sana partner for more details.
  2. Implement a BADI. Contact your Sana project manager or Sana partner for more details.
  3. Reduce the number of records in the CDHDR table.
  4. Increase system resources.

For more details, see "Improve Performance of Product Indexing".

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