Sana Commerce 9.3
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Webstore Catalog Overview

Webstore Catalog Overview simulates the webstore behavior and it is used to check and see an overview of all material prices, stock, units of measure, last modified date of a product, products orderability and visibility.

You can access Webstore Catalog Overview either from the main window of the Sana Commerce solution (/n/sanaecom/webstore), or by calling the transaction /n/sanaecom/catalog.

Enter the required values to show catalog overview for your webstore. This is a filter to narrow the webstore catalog overview results. The table below provides description of the fields.

Field Description
Webstore Id Select a webstore. If you have multiple webstores, each assigned to a different sales area, you can see materials for each webstore.
Customer Enter customer account number. Prices and stock are calculated for the customer entered in this field. If you leave this field empty, prices and stock will be calculated for the template customer set for a webstore in the Web Store Sales Area table.
Material Use these fields to define a range of materials which should be shown. If you leave these fields empty, all materials will be shown.
Visibility Select whether to show all materials, only those which are set as visible in webstore, or only those which are set as invisible.
Orderability Select whether to show all materials, only those which are orderable, or only those which are not orderable.
Page Size Enter how many materials should be shown in a table at once. All other materials can be seen using paging.
Show Price Select this checkbox to show material prices.
Show Stock Select this checkbox to show stock for the materials.
Show Date Last Modified Select this checkbox to show when material data was modified for the last time.

When all required criteria to see webstore catalog overview are set, click Execute.

Based on the specified criteria a user can see materials, their prices, stock, sales unit of measure and last modified date of all materials. Use the buttons at the top of the window to switch between pages and see other materials. How many products are shown on one page is set in the Page Size field. Using the button Merge current list to next page you can see products from the next page on the current list without switching between the pages.


If catalog filters are set for the webstore, these filters will be applied also to the materials shown in the Webstore Catalog Overview table. For more information, see "Catalog Filter".

Product Visibility and Orderability

Use the Visibility checkbox to show and hide products in the Sana webstore. If the Visibility checkbox is not selected for a material, this material will not be indexed by Sana and shown in the webstore. By clicking the button Select All, you can make all materials on the page visible in the webstore at once, or click Unselect All, to make all materials invisible.

If you click Update Visibility, you can make materials within a certain range visible or invisible. Once you specify the range and set its visibility, click the button Continue to save the changes.

In the Orderability field a user can see whether a material is orderable or not. If the material is not orderable, you can see the reason of it in the Non Orderable Reason field. Those materials which are not orderable in the Sana webstore cannot be purchased by customers. If you update any material data in SAP, you must synchronize the changes with Sana using the Product import task in Sana Admin. Orderability of materials is validated by the data validation rules. For more information, see "Data Validation Rules".

Change Webstore Catalog Overview Layout


Applies to: Sana 9.3.5 and higher

By default, in the Webstore Catalog Overview window you can only see catalog data provided by Sana design (Material Number, Material Name, Visibility, Orderability, Non Orderable Reason, Unit Price, Stock, UoM, Last Date / Time Modified). But you can change the layout of the Webstore Catalog Overview window and choose what catalog data from SAP you would like to see in this window by adding and removing the necessary fields.

You can create different layouts with different material fields to see the necessary catalog data. You can save your layouts and switch from one layout to another. In the Choose Layout window, you can select the necessary layout you would like to apply.

To change a layout, click the Choose layout button and then select Change Layout.

In the Change Layout window, move the necessary material fields that you want to see in the Webstore Catalog Overview window from the right column to the left one. To remove the unnecessary material fields from the Webstore Catalog Overview window, move them from the left column to the right one.

In the left column you can also move the fields in the order you want to see them in the Webstore Catalog Overview window.

By managing layouts, you can delete the unnecessary layout.