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B2B Customer Prepayments

Prepayments are payments that are invoiced and posted to a sales order before final invoicing. Prepayments are available only to business customers.

When a business customer is placing an order in the webstore, the prepayment amount for an order is shown on the Payment information checkout step.

Configure prepayments for business customers in SAP

Step 1: In the main menu of the Sana add-on, click Webstore Configuration. In the Webstore Id field, select your webstore and click on the Change Webstore Settings button at the top. Expand the Pricing & Payments area.

Step 2: Open the B2B Customer Payment Mapping table and check whether the PREPAYMENT payment type is available for the webstore and assigned to the correct payment term ID in SAP.

For more information, see "B2B Customer Payment Mapping".

Step 3: Use the B2B Customer Prepayments table to set up prepayments for the customers.

The table below provides description of the fields in the B2B Customer Prepayments table.

Field Description
Customer  Specify a customer to whom prepayment percentage should be assigned.
Prepayment %

Enter prepayment percentage. You can enter a prepayment % with two decimal points.

This prepayment percentage will be used for all products ordered by this specific customer. This number shows what percent of basket's total amount should be prepaid by the user before the order gets processed. If this value is 0, the user should not pay the order by prepayment, instead the order can be paid post factum. If the value is 100, then the whole order amount should be paid by prepayment.

Step 4: To be able to use prepayments, you should also enable this option in Sana Admin. Click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering and in the Online payments field for B2B customers, select the Amount based on prepayment rules payment type.

If the Amount based on prepayment rules payment type is not available, you should run the General information import scheduled task to synchronize data with SAP.

See an example of the customer prepayment amount for an order in the Sana webstore.