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Order Processing

Quotations and sales orders are all part of the sales process. Sana supports all SAP sales documents. Customers can place orders and create quotations as well as convert quotations into sales orders directly from a Sana webstore. A customer can convert quotation into sales order from the quotation details page in the Sana webstore which can be accessed from the quotes history.

The ordering flow should be configured in Sana Admin and in SAP. For more information on how to configure ordering settings in Sana Admin, see "Order Processing" and "Ordering & Checkout".

Set up order settings

To set up order settings, in the main menu of the Sana add-on, click Webstore Configuration. In the Webstore Id field, select your webstore and click on the Change Webstore Settings button at the top. Expand the Orders area.

The table below provides description of the order settings in SAP.

Field Description
Order Type

Select the order type. It can be a regular order or a quotation. The selected order type defines the final sales document which will be created in SAP when the order is placed from the Sana webstore.

The order type which is used during the checkout process in the Sana webstore is defined in the ordering settings in Sana Admin.
Expiration Days In SAP a quotation has an expiration date. It can be seen in the field Valid to on the Sales tab of the quotation.

In the Expiration Days field you can enter the number of days for which the quotation should be valid. This value will be used for all quotations created from the Sana webstore. If the quotation is not processed within the expiration period, it will expire, meaning that a customer will not be able to convert it into a sales order.

If you leave this field empty, quotations will not have an expiration period.
Order Delivery block Use this field to block those Sana orders for delivery which require approval. For more information, see "Order Delivery Block".
Synchronized Basket Type You must set up these settings, if you are using order processing strategy optimized for large orders.

In the "Synchronized Basket Type" field, select the appropriate sales document type, either quote or order. When the order processing strategy optimized for large orders is used, the initial sales document that is created in SAP is of the type selected in this field. It is used as a draft document through the whole checkout process. Once the order is completed by a customer, it will be saved to SAP with the type selected in the "Order Type" field. This will be the final sales document.

In the "Basket Delivery block" field, select a delivery block. It is used to block sales documents which are in process of creation using the order processing strategy optimized for large orders. A user in SAP will not be able to convert or deliver such order until it is completed by the customer.

For more information, see "Draft Orders and Quotations".
Basket Delivery block

Set up order types

In the Supported Order Types table in SAP, you must set up sales document types which are used in your webstore and map them to the existing sales document types in SAP.

Main sales document types:

  • ORDER - if you allow your customers to create sales orders from a Sana webstore, you must map this sales document type to the one in SAP.
  • QUOTE - if you allow your customers to create quotations from a Sana webstore, you must map this sales document type to the one in SAP.
  • PROMOTABLEQUOTE - if you allow your customers to create quotations and convert them to the sales orders directly in a Sana webstore, you must map this sales document type to the one in SAP.

Secondary sales document types:

  • CREDITNOTE - credit note
  • INVOICE - billing document
  • RETURNRECEIPT - return receipt
  • RETURNORDER - return order
  • SHIPMENT - delivery document
  • CONTRACT - quantity contract (sales agreements)

All sales documents for which the Default checkbox is selected can be created by customers from the Sana webstore. When the sales document is created by a customer, it will be automatically saved to SAP. Customers can create the following sales documents from the Sana webstore: Quotes, Promotable Quotes, Orders, Return Orders.

All other sales documents can be created only in SAP.

Customers can log in to the Sana webstore and see any sales documents (created from the Sana webstore and directly in SAP) on the My account page. A webstore administrator can show and hide different sales document types in Sana Admin.

You can create records for the above mentioned secondary sales document types, if you want to filter out the sales documents and show only those of a certain type. For example, if you create billing documents of different types in SAP, you can define which of them must be shown to the customers in the order history in the Sana webstore. If you don't map the Sana's secondary sales document type to some specific sales document type in SAP, all types of this sales document will be shown in the Sana web store.


It is required to set up sales documents with the output type, if you want to allow your customers to download printable sales reports. For more information, see "Sales Reports".


See an example of the checkout process when a customer can choose whether to place an order or create a quote in the Sana web store.

Customer Purchase Order Type


Applies to: Sana 9.3.4 and higher

Sales orders can be created using different channels, for example by telephone, e-mail or in case of Sana in the webstore online. Companies that accept orders from different channels can assign the necessary purchase order type to a webstore in SAP ECC and it will be used for all orders created by the customers from your Sana webstore.

Set up customer purchase order type

Step 1: Call the transaction code SM30. It opens the window Maintain Table Views.

Step 2: In the Table/View field enter /sanaecom/potype and click Maintain.

Step 3: In the PO Type Mapping table, select your Webstore ID and PO Type. PO Type is used to record the channel the sales document arrived from the customer. A customer can place orders by telephone, e-mail, online etc. If you have several webstores, you can select PO Type for each webstore separately.

By setting up purchase order type for the Sana webstore, a sales manager in SAP ECC can easily differentiate those sales orders which are placed from the Sana webstore and from other channels.

When the sales order is created by the customer, it is automatically saved to SAP ECC. If you set up purchase order type for your Sana webstore, it will be recorded in all sales orders created by your customers from the webstore. You can see it in the Sales Order Header Data, on the Order Data tab.

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