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Product Images

In SAP you can add product images and show them on the product pages in the Sana web store. Images can be added to the materials using attachments in SAP.


You can equally use the procedure which Sana provides out-of-the-box and SAP to add product images.

Set up user permissions

The SAP user must have the necessary permissions to be able to add attachments to the materials. If you can't add attachments in SAP, please ask the SAP administrator to give you the necessary permissions.

If the SAP user has the required permissions to add attachments, then the button Services for Object will be available in the material master data.

To manage the user in SAP, use the transaction code SU01. The parameter SD_SWU_ACTIVE must be added to the user on the Parameters tab to allow the user to add attachments in SAP.

Add an image to a material in SAP

Step 1: Open material master data.

Step 2: Click on the Services for Object button to add the image to the material. Then click: Create > Create Attachment.

Step 3: Find the necessary picture and add it to the material. You can add multiple images to each material. All images added to the material in SAP will be shown on the product details page in the Sana web store.

Step 4: Click Attachment list, if you need to view the list of all images added to the material. You can open the attachment list only when at least one attachment has been added to the material. In the Service: Attachment list window you can also add and remove images.

Manage product images visibility

In SAP you can choose which product images you want to show in your Sana webstore.

In the main menu of the Sana add-on (/n/sanaecom/webstore), click Attachments Overview (/n/sanaecom/att_ovrvew).

Step 1: Enter the Webstore Id and select Product Images. You can use Input Parameters as a filter to narrow search results and show only those product images that you need. Click "Execute".

Step 2: In the Attachments and Product Images window you can see the list of materials and all images attached to them. If you select the Visibility checkbox, then your product images will be shown on the product pages in the Sana webstore.

At the top of the window you can see the buttons Select All, Unselect All and Update Visibility which can be useful for quick managing of product images visibility.

How product images in SAP are linked to products in Sana?

Step 1: When images are added to the materials in SAP, run the Product import task in Sana Admin. Open Sana Admin and click: Tools > Scheduled tasks.

The Product import task retrieves material information from the database to build or update the catalog of your web store.

Step 2: When the Product import task is completed, start the Product image import task.


Before running the task make sure that it is configured. Click Edit on the Product image import task and enable the setting Import product images from ERP. In the Separator field enter the symbol that will be used to separate product image information in the product image filename, like item number and order number.

For more information, see "Product Image Import".

The Product image import task will retrieve all product images from SAP, rename them according to the image file name format supported by the Sana web store, and save all images to the "ProductImages" directory of the Sana Commerce solution on the Web server.

Then, the Product image import task will automatically resize all product images from the "ProductImages" folder and put them according to the size to the "Small", "Medium" and "Large" folders. This is done because product images of three different sizes are used in the Sana web store.

For more information about product image and image sizes, see "Product Images".

When the Product image import task is completed, product images from SAP will be shown in the Sana web store.