Sana Commerce 9.3
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General Webstore Settings

To set up webstore settings, in the main menu of the Sana add-on, click Webstore Configuration. Select your webstore and click Change Webstore Settings. Expand the Webstore Settings area.

The table below provides description of the Webstore Settings fields.

Field Description

   Applies to: Sana 9.3.3

The country is used for the correct formatting of dates and numbers when the Sana webstore communicates with SAP. Different regions and cultures use different date and time formats. They include conventions for the order of day and month in the date, for the separation of hours and minutes in the time, and even for what punctuation is used as a separator, for example in prices.

In SAP date and decimal character format is configured for each country.

When you select a country, the language and country code will be automatically defined.

   Applies to: Sana 9.3.0 and 9.3.1

You need to add culture Id, country key and a language. In the Culture Id field enter the Windows locale ID of the Sana webstore and in the Country Key field enter the corresponding two-character ISO code of the country in SAP. Also, specify language culture name of the default webstore language.

Template Customer No. The template customer set on the webstore is used to show prices and inventory to the anonymous webstore visitors. If a template customer is not specified, the product import task will fail. This is a required field.
Support Quantity Step Enable these options, if you want to use minimum order quantity and delivery unit set for the materials in SAP.

For more information, see "Material Quantity".

Support Minimum Quantity
Quotation Promotable Use this option to allow or deny conversion of a quotation into a sales order without approval directly from the Sana webstore.

If this option is enabled and the ordering process uses quotations which can be converted into sales orders, a customer can place a quotation and convert it into a sales order directly from the Sana webstore. For such quotations the Quote Promotable checkbox is selected by default on the Sana tab in the quotation header data.

If this option is disabled a customer can convert a quotation into a sales order only when it is approved. When the quotation is created from the Sana webstore, it should be checked by the e-commerce manager in SAP. After this it can be approved by selecting the Quote Promotable checkbox on the Sana tab in the quotation header data. When the quotation is checked and approved, the customer can convert it into the sales order.

Zip Code Validation Enable this option to validate zip codes in the Sana webstore. If you require your customers to enter zip code during online registration in the webstore, it can be validated based on the checks set in SAP.

See an example of zip code validation on the Creating a new account page in the Sana web store.

See an example of the product page in the Sana web store with the minimum order quantity validation based on the material setup in SAP.