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Visible Countries

In the Sana webstore there are a few places where a customer must select a country. The table below presents these scenarios and their descriptions.

Scenario Description Template Customer
Create a new account  When a customer registers in the webstore online.  Required 
Guest checkout  When a webstore visitor places an order without registration.  Required 
Create a prospect order  When a sales agent places an order on behalf of a prospect customer.  Required 
Shipping information  When a customer enters a custom shipping address in the shopping cart while placing an order.  Not required 

All countries are managed in SAP and retrieved by Sana to show them in the webstore. So, you must set up all countries in SAP that you want to show in the Sana webstore.

See an example of the Creating a new account page in the Sana webstore with the list of countries which were made visible in SAP.

When you set up countries in SAP, you must also create and assign customer templates to all required countries. Customer templates are needed to create customers, prospects and allow guest customers place orders. But there is one case, when you need only countries without customer templates - when customers place orders and enter the custom shipping address. In this case, customer templates are not needed.

Starting from Sana 9.3.5, if you set up some countries in SAP ERP which are needed only for delivery, you can skip customer templates for these countries. In this case, customer templates are optional.

Set Up Countries for Sana

In SAP ERP you must set up visibility of countries that should be available in your webstore.

Step 1: In the main menu of the Sana add-on, click Webstore Configuration.

Step 2: In the Webstore Id field, select your webstore and click on the Change Webstore Settings button at the top. Expand the Webstore Settings area.

Step 3: In the Visible Countries table, add the necessary countries to the Country Key column. Select the Visible checkbox for all countries that should be available in your webstore.

Step 4: For the correct functioning of the online customer registration, guest checkout and prospect functionality specify Template Customer for each visible in the webstore country. If some countries are used only for delivery, you can leave the Template Customer field empty for such countries.

The table below provides description of the fields in the Visible Countries table.

Field Description
Country Key Select the country that must be available in your Sana webstore.

The two-character ISO code of the country.

Template Customer Select the customer template that must be associated with a country. The customer templates must be first created.

This is the customer record that is used as a template when a new customer registers online in the webstore, a guest customer creates an order without registration or sales agent creates an order on behalf of a prospective customer.

The customer template should be predefined with the necessary data for each country, like currency, tax information, etc. This data will be automatically copied from the customer template associated with the country to the newly registered customer, guest customer, or prospect.

Visible Indicates whether a country is visible to a customer in the web store.

For more information about how to set up countries in SAP, see "Countries".