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Material Quantity

Using Quantity stipulations in SAP, you can set up sales quantities for the materials. The configured in SAP sales quantities for a material are used on the product pages and in the shopping cart of the Sana web store.

Set up quantity stipulations

Quantity stipulations can be set up in the material master data, on the Sales: sales org. 1 tab.

The table below provides description of the quantity stipulation fields.

Field Description
Minimum order quantity The minimum quantity of a material a customer can order. The minimum order quantity is shown by default on the product pages in the Sana web store.
Delivery unit Only exact multiples of this number can be purchased. When a customer changes material quantity in the Sana web store, it will be increased/decreased based on the value set in this field. For example, if a delivery unit is set to 2, a customer can purchase 2, 4, 6 and so on pieces of a material.

Sales quantities set for a material in SAP are validated on the product pages and in the shopping cart of the Sana web store.

Quantity stipulations for a material are configured for the base unit of measure. If multiple units of measure are set for a material the quantities and price are adjusted based on the unit of measure conversion rules set up in SAP.

Enable quantity stipulations

To use quantity stipulations from SAP in the Sana web store, it should be enabled in the Webstore Settings area of the webstore settings. For more information, see "General Webstore Settings".

Field Description
Support Minimum Quantity Enable this option, if you want to use minimum order quantity set for the materials.
Support Quantity Step Enable this option, if you want to use delivery unit set for the materials.

If these options are disabled, quantity stipulation values set for the materials in SAP will be ignored by Sana.