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Supported ERP Versions

Sana Commerce 9.3
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Supported NAV Versions

By default, we support the following Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions and localizations:

 NAV Version  Localization
 2009 R2  W1 
 2009 R2  NA
 2013  W1
 2013  NA
 2013 R2  W1
 2013 R2  NA
 2015  W1
 2015  NA
 2016  W1
 2016  NA
 2017  W1
 2017  NA
2018 W1
2018 NA

All other localizations should be merged by you as a partner using the W1 versions.

All other packages can be created (merged) by you as a partner. If you are not able to create the package by yourself, you can ask Sana Commerce to do this.

Knowledge BaseSupported ERP Versions