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Configure Payment Methods

When the Authorize.Net payment provider is configured in Sana Admin you need to set up the necessary payment methods supported by Authorize.Net.

Set up payment methods

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods.

Step 2: On the Payment methods tab create and configure the necessary payment methods.

For more information about how to create and configure payment methods in Sana Admin, see "Payment Methods".

The table below provides the description of the Authorize.Net payment provider specific fields.

Field Description
Type of credit card transaction. Select the appropriate transaction type:
  • authCaptureTransaction - the transaction amount is sent for authorization and if it is approved, the transaction is automatically submitted for settlement.
  • authOnlyTransaction - the transaction amount is sent for authorization only. The transaction is not settled and the merchant has to manually capture the transaction.

For more information about transaction types, see "Payment Transactions".

Validate shipping and billing addresses If this option is enabled, the length and values of the following fields in billing and shipping addresses will be validated:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code
  • Country
Payment option Select which payment information should be shown to a customer on the Authorize.Net payment form. The following options are available:
  • BankAccount - all information fields related to the bank account will be shown.
  • CreditCard - all information fields related to the credit card will be shown.
  • Both - both credit card and bank account information fields will be available, a customer will have to select a suitable method and enter the information.
Hosted payment style options Select the color of the button, field names and field borders. Acceptable values are CSS color keywords or RGB hexadecimal values.
enable CAPTCHA security Enable this option to add Google reCAPTCHA to the Authorize.Net payment page. Google reCAPTCHA will increase the security level on the Authorize.Net hosted payment page.
Payment ServicesAuthorize.Net